You’re the jock and we’re the athletic supporter

The Docs Inn is excited to help you have a successful season. The Docs Inn Sponsorship Program comes with several perks.

What will you get?

T-shirts for the team. Normally 10-15

$100 toward team entry or $150 in food vouchers

1 domestic pitcher of beer for every 4 people that show up after the game.

Team appreciation party at the end of the year. Two options.

$10 wristband Domestic beer and well drinks for two hours
$16 wristband for all beer and well Drinks for two hours

Details needed for team appreciation party

Details needed for team appreciation party

Does not need to be applied for when you sign up

Captains Name
Captains Email
Team Name
Date of party. Date must be approved by management. No Friday or Saturday Dates.
Number of people expected. Invite your family and friends.

Teams must have 60% of team roster show up after every game, every week. If team fails to do so they will forfeit their team appreciation party.
The number of T-shirts given to team is determined when signing up.
T-shirts will not be replaced if lost or stolen or for any other reason.
Team appreciation party dates can be denied at managers discretion.
Drink packages have maximum 3 drinks per hour.
Vouchers may not be used to pay for a drink package during a team appreciation party.